Solar System

If you are looking for fun, creative, and hands on ideas for teaching kids about the solar system, I've got you covered. Included are tons of solar system projects, hands on solar system ideas, free printable worksheets for kids, and so much more! This is an amazing science unit for homeschooling kids!
Solar System - Fun, free hands on science unit for K-6th grade elementary age kids! So many fun activities, free solar system worksheets, and more!

Hands on Solar System Unit 

  1. The Sun
  2. The Moon & Astronauts
  3. Inner Planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars)
  4. Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)
  5. Pluto, Asteroid Belt, Comets, and Stars

FREE Solar System Worksheets 

Solar System Ideas

Solar System Books

For the information or "meat" of your study you will want to read some fun, interesting science books. Here are some amazing books to teach kids about our solar system. You will want to pick one of the three options below to accompany our unit:

  • Christian Kids Explore Earth & Space - This book actually contains a whole year of science for K-6th grade including Earth, atmosphere, tectonic plates, caves, volcanoes, earthquakes, types of rocks, water / hydrologic cycle, oceans, ground water, glaciers, weather, and space. We love this easy-to-use curriculum that includes coloring pages, worksheets, hands on projects, and easy-to-understand and informative text all from a Christian worldview.  For this solar sytem unit you will use - pages 5-21 and 205-245

  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy  - If all you are looking for is the space component this is a good option. Besides lots of well written solar system information, I learned at least 5 new ways our solar system points to creation versus evolution. There is more text in this book and lovely illustrations. It is caulked full or not only science facts, but relevant scripture. You will notice the copyright is 2004 so although there are no "mistakes" it will reference for example a "future" mission to Mercury on space craft MESSENGER in 2009. In actuality the mission happened and took place in 2011.