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History for Kids

Home school Social Studies Units

As the blog continues to grow I want to make sure that you are able to find all the great home school resources from years past! So here is a list of all our fun Social Studies Units for you to browse through. I will continue to add to update this page frequently.

Each Unit has recommended books, activities, creative ideas, and free printables to go along. Most of my Social Studies units contain a free lapbook.

Seasonal Homeschool Units

HISTORY for Kids

Medieval Times Unit Middle Ages (emphasis on European Castles)
  1. Life in a Castle 
  2. Knights 
  3. The Medieval Church 
  4. Medieval Music & Art 

Additional Unit Resources:

Early Explorers Unit
  1. Vikings
  2. Marco Polo & Prince Henry the Navigator
  3. Christopher Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Vespucci
  4. Magellan, Aztecs & Conquistadors
  5. Sir Frances Drake, Henry Hudson, and Jacques Cartier
Additional Unit Resources:

Native Americans
  1. Woodland Tribes 
  2. Plains Tribes 
  3.  Southwest Tribes 
  4. Pacific Northwest 
  5. Seminole and REVIEW 

    Colonial America Unit (Early Settlers)
    1. Jamestown
    2. Pilgrims
    3. Dutch & Sweeds
    4. William Penn / Pennsylvania Dutch
    Additional Unit Resources:

    American Revolution Unit
    1. War is Brewing
    2. The shot Heard Round the World
    3. Declaration of Independence
    4. Freedom at Last
    Additional Unit Resources:
    Westward Expansion  
    1. Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea
    2. The Oregon Trail
    3. The Pony Express, Gold Rush, and the Transcontinental Railroad
    Additional Unit Resources:


    Expanding Horizons (Kindergarten)
    United STATES
    Around the World