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Lego Activities for Kids

Don’t miss our large number of  free color by number printables or fun Lego activities

Lego Color By Number

Make math EXTRA fun with these Lego Worksheets where kids will color by number to practice adding by 3s. Download Lego Color by Number from Homeschool Encouratement.


This fun, hands-on Lego Fractions activity is a great way for kids to visualize math!


Start out the school year with these cute, Free Lego All About Me Worksheets.


Kids will have fun practicing multiplication with these free printable Lego Multiplication Flashcards

See all the Lego Games for making learning fun!

dinosaur-color-by-number Pirate Color By number Worksheets disney-princess-color-by-number-printables

Color by Number Printable

Using color by number printables is a great way to learn to recognize numbers and strengthen hand muscles that will be needed for writing letters and numbers!

Free Hundreds Chart Easter Coloring Worksheets

Color by HUNDREDS Chart

Once you’ve mastered simple number recognition it’s learn to count to 100 and learn the patterns of counting and hundreds chart with these frun 100s chart worksheets!


Color by Letter Worksheets

Color by code worksheets are a great way to work on a variety of skills including letter recognition. These alphabet worksheets will help kids work on upper and lowercase letter finding.

 Kids will have fun practicing identifying CVC words with these super cute, free printable Peter Pan worksheets. These CVC word worksheets make especially for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first grade children to help them work on their CVC recognition as well as begin learning about reading and spelling words. As students work on these color by CVC word, they will color the spaces to reveal a hidden picture showing a fun character or a prop from Peter Pan. Simply print free cvc coloring worksheets to add a Disney worksheet to make learning extra fun!

Color by Sight Words Worksheets

Kids will have fun working reading and recognizing sight words to improve reading fluency with these color by sight word printables!

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  1. Nikita Avatar

    Thanks so much for your hard work!!! How generous of you for ppl to use them for their kids for free! My 3 & 6 yr old are super excited!

    Thanks again!