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Learn the Books of the Bible

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In Sunday School this year we worked really hard to help the kids learn the Books of the Bible. Here is an overview of all the fun hands on activities, bulletin board, and themed snacks we had as we worked to Learn the Books of the Bible.
Books of the Bible Snack for kids perfect for Sunday School Lessons and to go along with bible crafts for kids to learn the books of the bible.

Here are more Books of the Bible crafts & activities we did to help the 1st graders learn the 66 books of the Bible.

Learn the Books of the Bible

Here are some of the ways we helped our Sunday School class get excited about and Learn the Books of the Bible this year.


Books of the Bible Snack for Kids

To kick start our year in a really fun, memorable way I made these Books of the Bible Snacks.

They are made out of apple Newton cookies with a fruit by the foot tassel, and icing to make the book top.

The kids LOVED them!

books of the bible snack

It is easiest to make these like an assembly line. Do step 1 for all cookies, then step 2 for all cookies, etc. First cut off one of the sides (so you can see the pages  on three sides of the cookie). Next use kitchen scissors to cut a tassel out of red fruit roll-up. Now use a knife to gently push the tassel into the bottom of the cookie. Finally, use icing to put a cross & edges on the Bible cookie.

Note: They are a little time consuming. I had to make 100 of them [we have a large class] and it took me a couple hours.

Books of the Bible Bulletin Board

Books of the Bible Bulletin Board for Sunday School #sundayschool #bible #booksofthebible

In our 1st grade Sunday School room I made this “bulletin board” to help the kids see the books of the Bible as we work on learning them.

The colors represent the different sections of the Bible:

  • Law
  • History
  • Poetry
  • Major Prophets
  • Minor Prophets
  • Gospels
  • Church History
  • Letters
  • Prophecy

Inside is a summary of what is in that book of the Bible along with key stories and themes

Inside each book I wrote a short description on what that book is all about and some major themes or stories from it. I love that as a teacher I am always in the word, reviewing, and learning myself!


Sing the Books of the Bible

We sung the Books of the Bible song by Go Fish every week to help cement it in further. You can get the video version on their website which we used – the kids loved it!

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  • Would you be willing to share what you wrote inside each book? I’m wanting to do a bulletin board similar to yours, and would love to have extra insight on what to put inside them. We are starting our study in 2 weeks. This will be my first study as the Children’s Minister.

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