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Hundreds Chart Battleship Game

A great way to help your child master number 1 to 100 and number patterns is by playing a number game. Hundreds Chart Battleship is a fun, hands on math game that uses a  1 to 100 chart!  Your Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade student will love this math activity.

FREE Hundreds Chart Battleship Math Games - this free printable game is such a fun way for kindergarten and first grade kids to practice counting to 100 while having fun! #mathgames #hundredschart #kindergarten
My 8 year old son loves games and I love when they reinforce something he is learning in his homeschool curriculum currently– or in the past.  While he knows his numbers 1-100, our Hundreds Chart Battleship Game is a great way to build on number patterns and strategy skills.

It is super simple to put together and lends itself to many exciting games of battleship that day and beyond!

Whether you are a classroom teacher looking for fun math games to add to a math center, a parent looking to sneak in some extra practice, or a homeschooler making summer learning fun – you will love this free math game for first grade, 2nd grade, and kindergartners.


Hundreds Chart Battleship

This Hundreds Chart Battleship is sure to make practicing counting to 100 FUN for kids.

  1. Print out a 100s Chart – Use this free colorful hundreds chart or this black and white hundreds chart printable and use a laminator for durability. That is the basis for this Printable Battleship Math Game
  2. Grab two dry erase markers and several mosaic gems.  You could play without the mosaic gems, but I thought it was helpful to have a 3D visual of our “ships.”   
  3. Find an old shoe box top, file folder, or book to use as a divider to put between you and the other player.
This 1 to 100 chart is a fun math game for practicing counting to 100 for kindergarten math and grade 1 math

Hundreds Chart Game

Each player claims a group of 2, 3, and 4 numbers either horizontally or vertically.  For instance you could mark your battleships on 22 and 23– 78, 88, 98– and 1, 2, 3, 4.

Players take turns calling out numbers, and the opponent either states “hit” or “miss.”  We found it helpful to make an x over the “misses” and either checked or circled the numbers that were “hit.”

Another option is to set the hundreds chart up as coordinates, and calling out a number and letter marked along top and side of hundreds board {ex. B,5 = 15}.

fun and clever math games for kids to practice using a 100s chart

Math Games for Kids

When a battleship has been destroyed, my son had a great time yelling out, “BOOM!” The first player to destroy all three of  your opponents battleships, wins!

But everyone is a winner as kids gain math fluency as they play this kindergarten math game  for kindergartners and grade 1 math

this free and CLEVER hundreds chart game is a great way to help kids gain math fluency as they count to 100

Number Chart to 100

Have fun playing this hundreds chart game that makes practicing counting to 100 fun for kids!

free-winter-hundreds-chart-coloring-sheets  11 Hundreds Chart Activities for Kids to practice counting to 100 Blank 100s chart

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