FREE Homeschool Worksheets - over 300,000 pages of free worksheets and educational printable for preschool and K12. Includes alphabet worksheets, abc games math worksheets, math games, science printables, history games, and more! #freeworksheets #homeschooling #freeprintables #homeschool #educationTake the work and expense out of homeschooling with our HUGE collection of free homeschool worksheets.

Homeschool Worksheets

We have over 300,000+ FREE worksheets for toddler, preschool, and K12. Our free educational printables cover alphabet letters, math, language arts, history, geography, and more. I have organized this page to make sure parents and teachers can easily find what they are looking for.

All the free homeschool worksheets on this site can be accessed by subject or grade level. Just click on any of the category thumbnails see that category of free printables.

Free Homeschool

Trying to figure out how to start your free homeschooling? Here are tons of great articles on how to homeschool.

Homeschooling for FREE

Here are some of our most popular resources to add to your free homeschool curriculum for preschoolers and K12.

  1. A to Z Letter Find. These alphabet worksheets help Prek and Kindergarten age kids practice letter recogition of both upper and lowercase letters. Each page has a different theme; these are adorable!
  2. Solar System Worksheets. Teach K6th about planets, sun, stars and more. Printables include learning planets in order, constellations, moon phases, etc.
  3. Alphabet Playdough Mats.  Kids will have fun learning to form alphabet letters while strengthening hand muscles.
  4. Telling Time Puzzles. Make it fun for kids to practice telling time with these hands-on math game.
  5. Printable Maps. Huge pack with blank maps and guided maps of major countries and continents for helping kids learn about geography.
  6. Candyland Sight Word Game. Print off the sight word cards for the grade you are teaching. These sight words can be used with any Candy land boardgame.
  7. Countries for Kids. Teach students about 13 countries from around the world as they color maps, flags, and major landmarks to make their own countries book.
  8. Skip Counting Mazes. Make practicing counting by 2s-10s with these fun math worksheets that have an increasing levels of difficulty.
  9. Music Note Flashcards. We even have free printables to help kids learn to read notes! These flashcards will help kids gain fluency in recognizing notes on both the treble and bass clef.
  10. Sandwich Book Report Form. This clever free printable helps kids recal  what they have read to work on reading comprehension.
  11. Cute Alphabet Coloring Pages. Kids will have fun learning their letters and sounds letters make with these alphabet coloring sheets.
  12. Alphabet Worksheets.  These pages help kids practice letter recognition, tracing letters, beginning sounds, and so much more.

FREE Worksheets

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Why do I offer FREE Worksheets?

I offer free worksheets for two reasons:

  1. To bless my readers - We are a homeschool family too and I know how expensive it can get to purchase curriculum and resources! I want to equip and empower fellow homeschool families to make learning fun so you can all thrive as homeschool educators.
  2. To provide for my family -  You are probably wondering how providing free worksheet can provide for my family. Your frequent visits to 123 Homeschool 4 Me support by giving us pageviews, ad clicks, and purchases through affiliate links which translates into money for our family. I love this model because it allows us to offer you everything completely FREE, but still make an income to provide for my family.  Thanks you for sharing our site with others and visiting frequently to keep the lights on!