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Giant Outdoor Memory Game for Kids

Kids will have a blast with this fun outdoor games for kids to help them work on their memory skill. Great for preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st grade kids.Giant Outdoor Memory Game for Kids - What a great way to practice sight words, math problems, matching and more for preschool, kindergarten and elementary age kids! Summer Activity for kids!

Making a memory game from paper plates is easy, and playing with this paper plate memory game is fun!

One can play outdoors, if the weather permits, or take it inside too!

This game is great for developing visual memory skills.

Giant Outdoor Memory Game for Kidsuse sharpiesTo make this memory game you will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Sharpies/markers or paint

I decided to make a color and shape memory game.  One could adapt it to sight words, word families, phonics pictures or even numbers for older kids.

instructions for memory game

I traced circles and colored it for the color plates. (Let the kids help with this step). Then I made some shapes ones using a ruler.  Obviously, one needs two of a kind to make a pair.  But one can make however many plate pairs you’d like. I only made the basics to start off with.

We also started playing with the colors and then added shapes later.

paper plate games for toddler preschool kindergarten

My almost 5 year old found this easy. Then we made it more challenging and combined the shapes and colors, making 4 rows of 4 plates each:
use 16 plates to make a simple game for toddler or preschoolers

My 2 year old wanted to join in the fun too:

outdoor games for preschoolers
His sister was not too keen on that, so we gave him the job of picking up the plates afterwards, but not just picking them up, picking the pairs up.

He did well with the colors, but took more time with the shapes. So this game can be used as a pairing activity for younger kids too! A fun way to work on visual memory, and visual discrimination.

Paper Plate Memorry Game for Toddler Preschool Kindergarten

Play the game outdoors or indoors, adapt it to different ages or abilities and keep learning fun!

What fun learning activities have you had lately?


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