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Does your child need extra practice sounding out and spelling CVCe words? These coloring pages help children sound out and then spell CVC and CVCe. These are great for reading and spelling practice for first grade and 2nd grade.

FREE Printable CVC Words Worksheets for short vowel and long vowel spelling practice. This is great for practicing helping vowel e for first grade and 2nd grade kids. Great for learning phonics, sounding out words, and more

Short and Long Vowel Spelling Practice

These first grade and 2nd grade worksheets are a great way for kids to improve their reading with phonics. Kids will sound out CVC Words, color the right letters and write the word.

They also help them work on when to add the silent e!     Have you ever been there? You were certain your child knew something. Never would have even thought about teaching that concept because there was no need. And then, they are forced to do that skill in isolation…and it becomes glaringly obvious that they aren’t even close to understanding it. Well, that happened to us this week.

My first grader is a good reader for his age. Yes, we are still plugging along with phonics skills, but I’m incredibly proud of the hard-fought progress he has made. But I discovered that he doesn’t quite understand CVCe words or long vowel words that end in a silent e. And that is how this Spelling CVCe words sheet came about!

What are CVC words?

helping vowel e first grade phonics worksheets

When children first begin to read we normally introduce them to words like cap, pin, tot, and tub. These are CVC words, words that have a consonant, vowel (a,e,i,o,u) and then another consonant. When we see words like this, it lets us know that the vowel is short. Once are kiddos master those, it is time to move unto long vowels. Long vowels are the vowels that say their name. A long a will make the same sound as you say this is the letter A. There are so many rules about making a vowel long, but today we will only focus on one. The silent e! When you take a CVC word and put a e on it, an amazing thing happens. The vowel becomes long and the e silent. Cap is no longer a thing you place on your head, it is a cape on your back that makes you superman. The pin no longer pricks you, because it is a pine tree. Tots aren’t running around the house, but you might be carrying a tote. And no more soaking in a tub, you just have a tube of toothpaste.

short and long vowel coloring pages

Prep-Work for Spelling CVCe Words

This is truly a no prep activity.

  1. First, print off the Spelling CVCe Words worksheets
  2. Then finish off the prep work by gathering up pencils and crayons.
phonics first grade and 2nd grade worksheets

Directions For Use

The first step is to make sure that the children know the names of each picture! On the directions page, I’ve listed the name of each picture to help you out. Next, they can color in the picture. Now comes the fun part….the sounding out. The children sound out the word and color in the letters they hear. What makes this challenging is that there are short and long vowel words included. Our little ones have to sound out the first three letters, and then decide if a silent e is needed. I love this because the student must understand the silent e rule to correctly complete this. Finally, they can get in some extra handwriting practice by writing out the word!   Even though my son has struggled with this concept, he is a little boy that loves to color. This was right up his ally and he had a blast. He even colored the squares, all while working on spelling CVCe words!! (possible picture of colored in paper) You’ve Got This Rachel Other Short Vowel and Long Vowel Practice: Long A vs Short A Game Short E Word Work

Other Short Vowel and Long Vowel Practice:


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