April 2, 2019

Customizable Learning Games GIVEAWAY


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Have you been looking for fun review games that work for any subject? Hungry Minds Academy offers 4 reusable, fully customizable review games that work for any material. This will make learning and reviewing fun for kids K-4th grade.  

I have personally tried this game and really think it is a wonderful tool every family will love. With 4 different reusable games you can use to review anything it’s the perfect resource for teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and tutors. The following is a sponsored post written by Hungry Minds Academy. I was compensated for my time. I know you will love this game and the opportunity to WIN a free copy!

Personalized Learning Game-Set Giveaway!
Are you always
looking for new
ways to engage your young learners
in their curriculum? 
Wish there was a
ready-made “kit” that could make any of your lessons into a fun, efficient and
If you answered
yes to either of these, then the HungryMinds Academy In A Box was created for you.  Literally. 
– Beth Gorden, Author of 123 Homeschool4me.com
educational games that you can use for any subject, any material
Educator developed, classroom tested and student
; the Academy In
A Box makes it easy to transfer ANY of your K-4 lessons into its ready-made

hungry minds study games

The set includes 4 of the most popular learning game
styles amoung K-4 teachers, and delivers them ready-made for ALL subjects to save you
time, and money
click for
quick game videos
                                     ●  1 Matching Game
                                      ●  1 Category Game
                                      ●  1 Question &Answer Game  
                                      ●  1 Board Game
4 customizable learning games for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade

Aligned with currentBest Practices proven to increase lesson absorption, the Hungry Minds Academy In A Box implements
easily into any lesson routine
with card based games that naturally
incorporate most ANY K-4 learning material
educational game giveaway
Created by educators
to save you time, post-it notes are included to efficiently transfer your
curriculum into any of the 4 ready-made games (quick video).  Lessons also easily swap from game to game,
and can be conveniently saved for another day with the StudyGame Saver folder.
Non-toxic sticky tack is
also included for securing cards to boards

The sticky tack also allows you to easily integrate printables into the games (quick video).  In fact, each month Hungry Minds adds new
printable lessons to their online library and takes requests!
2 Bonus Lesson Decks are also
included so that you can get started right away. Each of which is US and CAD common core
, and transfers into all 4 games seamlessly.
classroom reivew game for any subject

Finally, besides
offering a high quality set of fun “island adventure” themed games
and bonus
in-box tools
the Academy In A Box includes online resources too
such as free lesson templates & engaging photo challenges that motivate
students to enjoy the learning process!
photo challenge and prize drawings

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Hungry Games Academy GIVEAWAY

– Beth Gorden, Author of 123 Homeschool4me.com

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