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Cherry Blossom Craft

Spring is in the air! One of our favorite signs of Spring is the Cherry Blossom Tree. So today we are sharing a Cherry Blossom Craft for kids. This craft is great because it includes a lot of fine motor work and is also a lot of fun!

Spring Blossom Tree Craft for Kids - this is such a cute, easy to make spring craft for kids. This is perfect for preschool, prek, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade kids.

We have a beautiful cherry blossom tree right outside of our house. One of my favorite times of year is when it’s in full bloom and I can see the fluffy light pink blossoms from the window. The only thing is, peak bloom just doesn’t seem to last long enough! So this little craft is a fun way to have our own mini tree inside.

All of the cutting, rolling, tearing, and sticking proved to be great fine motor practice for my boys – one great benefit of crafting!

The materials are simple and you may even already have them at home. We used recycled tissue paper that we kept from a gift.

Cherry Blossom Craft

cherry blossom craft


  • brown construction paper
  • tissue paper (pink or white)
  • scissors
  • glue
brown construction paper with slits

First, fold brown construction paper in half length wise to make a fold to use as a cutting guide. Cut strips into the paper along the long edge, stopping at the folded line. My 4 year-old’s lines were not perfectly straight, but I think that adds to the charm of the tree and actually looks more like tree branches.

roll the construction paper to make a tree trunk

Roll the paper to make a tree shape. Add glue along the short edge up to the fold. Continue rolling and press along the edge to glue shut. You may need to pinch and hold the end for a bit for the glue to stick.

pull down the slits of construction paper to make branches

Bend and curl the “branches” down to spread them out to look more like a tree.

glue pink tissue paper on the tree branches to make cherry blossoms

Add dots of glue on the branches. Tear off small pieces of tissue paper, pinch them to scrunch them up, and then stick them onto the glue dots.

spring craft for kids

After the glue dries, your cherry blossom tree is ready for display! These should be able to stand on their own, but the bottom is uneven, just trim it to make it flat and they should stand up.

Happy Spring!


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