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Bubble Wrap Rain Craft

Today we have a great weather craft to share with you. This Bubble Wrap Rain Craft is created using painted bubble wrap and is tons of fun!

Bubble Wrap Rain Craft - This is such a cute rainy day craft with such a fun process that toddlers, preschool, prek, kindergarten, and first grade kids are going to love to make this craft for kids! Perfect spring activities for kids.

Last week we made art using rain, and we are just loving these rainy days. This craft is perfect for those days of Spring when it’s just too wet to go outside.


Bubble Wrap Rain Craft

This Bubble Wrap Rain Craft is one of my all time favorite crafts! Kids will love using bubble wrap to make their artwork and it makes such a cool effect! Kids of all ages will love this rainy day craft.


  • 2 sheets of white paper
  • colored paper (one color for umbrella, one color for the handle)
  • glue
  • tape
  • bubble wrap (cut to the size of the white paper)
  • blue paint
cut out umbrella pieces for rain craft

Prepare the pieces for this craft:

First, I cut the pieces needed for this craft.

To make the umbrella, use a cup or bowl to trace a circle onto the colored paper. I then cut it in half in a scalloped pattern to make an umbrella shape. One circle will result in two umbrellas.

To create the handle, I simply cut a “J” shape out of brown construction paper.

make a cover for the umbrella to guide the bubble wrap to not go under where the umbrella would be covering

Next, I made a cover to put over the umbrella before painting. I used the umbrella as a guide to trace onto white paper. I then drew lines straight down, and cut it out.

To make the umbrella and rain:

glue down the umbrella and umbrella stick on white paper

First, arrange the umbrella pieces onto the second sheet of white paper and glue down. Set aside to let dry.

paint bubble wrap blue

Time to paint the bubble wrap! Use blue paint to make the bubble wrap blue. Some kids may want to use their fingers to feel the bubbles. My kids preferred to use a paint brush.

put cover over umbrella on your paper and then press painted bubble wrap on top

Place the smaller white piece of paper on top of the umbrella to cover it. Use tape to lightly hold it down (don’t press too hard on the tape so it doesn’t tear the paper when peel up later).

Put the bubble wrap over the umbrella, paint side down.

press down on the bubble wrap to make a good print - the popping is just for fun!

Press all over the top of the bubble wrap until the paint is printed onto the white paper.

pull off the bubble wrap, pull of the white cover

Slowly peel up the bubble wrap, and then carefully peel up the white paper (and tape if you used it).

pretty umbrella craft with rain

Now you have your umbrella and rain!

My kids were amazed after their umbrella was revealed. My son wants to draw himself under the umbrella.


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