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FREE Apple Number Bonds Printable

This fun, free printable adding within 10 math activity with a fall, apple theme is a fun way to practice math with preschool and kindergarten age kids.

FREE Apple Number Bonds - this free printable math activity will make practicing adding, addition, ten frames and more preschool / kindergarten math fun with a fall / apple theme. #apple #numberbonds #kindergarten

It’s time to practice adding! You can grab some worksheets to practice adding or, you can have a little fun with rolling a dice and playing with apple erasers. And today is all about the later. It is a fun way to practice adding within 10.

Apple Themed Activities for Kids

Number Bonds Printable

This activity is pretty easy to set up.
  1. First, print off the activity sheet with the number bonds on it and laminate.
  2. Second, print off the numbers and place them in large learning cubes.
  3. Now grab some apple erasers and a dry erase marker and you are ready to go. To add in some fine motor skills, you can use jumbo fine motor tweezers.

Adding Within 10

Now it is time to practice adding within 10. First, have your little one roll both the large learning cubes. These will be the numbers they will be adding.
Apple Number Bonds Printable

number bonds to ten games

Let’s say, your child rolled a four. They will pick up four apples and place them in the first circle.
If the other number they rolled is a six, they will then place six apples in the next circle.
Once both circles are filled, the child will count up how many apples they used and write that number in the final circle!
free-apple-ten frames

Ten Frames:

Now we move to the ten frames. The children will simply place four apples in the frame, and then add the other six. Using the ten frame it is easy to see that 6 + 4 = 10.


The final step is to put it all together and create an equation. The children will use the numbers they rolled to help them create the equation.
We know that our little one rolled a 4 and a 6, so these are the numbers we are adding. We also know that when we add 6 + 4, we get 10. So ten will go after the equal sign. It is our sum.
This adding within 10 activity is that simple. Children can practice adding over and over in a fun, hands on way.

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