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Amazing Tin Foil Craft for Kids

Get ready to say WOW! You and your kids are going to love making this clever craft for kids! This Amazing Tin Foil Craft for Kids is perfect for Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, and elementary age kids too.

Amazing Tin Foil Craft for Kids - This Tin Foil Art is such a fun to make, beautiful, creative, and unique art project for kids. This kids activities is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade all year or as a summer activity. Put this one on your summer bucket list! #craftsforkids #artprojects #tinfoil

Tin Foil Art

This is one of my favorite crafts we’ve done ever.  It is fun to make, endless possibilities for creativity, and the end results are breathtaking!

HINT: This is a great craft if you are learning about the middle ages for kids!

Here’s what you need:

Plus imagination and any age child from Preschool, Kindergarten, to elementary age or even adult!

Amazing Tin Foil Craft for Kids

draw a simple picture on cardboard

Start out by your or your child drawing a picture on cardboard. We found using a cake board gave us a sturdy, perfect size!

use a hot glue gun to trace your picture

Now use a glue gun to carefully trace all the pencil lines. You will need several refills so plan accordingly.
 glue gun and cardboard craft for kids

When you finish you will have a neat looking picture.

glue gun craft for kids

Take a look at the neat effect adding the glue height gives.

spread a thin coat of elmers liquid glue over entire piece of cardboard

Using a cotton ball or thick paper towel spread a thin layer of liquid glue all over the cardboard from edge to edge.

Foil Art


Time to decorate your artwork

To make your foil art, cover your cardboard with a large sheet of foil. Start pressing down in the middle and smooth out so that the glue gun beads are tight and clearly seen with surrounding areas flush with the cardboard. Keep going outwards and tuck remaining 4” on all sides on the back.

Hint: If you keep the dull side up it is easier to see the sharpie colors!


Use sharpies markers to color on the foil. Don’t color on the glue lines as they will make it “POP”
Remember sharpies are permanent markers.

aluminum foil art for kids

Keep designs simple for younger children. This not only makes it more developmentally appropriate, but will also cut down on the mess risk of using sharpies.



My daughter choose to make a Disney inspired tin foil art. Can you see Rapunzel’s tower, her long braided hair, and the floating lanterns. I thought this one came out super cool!

Cross stained glass window craft for kids great for easter or medieval art
My son made a stained glass window craft with a cross in the middle. I love the vivid colors in his foil art.  This would be a great Easter Craft for Kids or to use with a Medieval Unit for homeschoolers.

Amazing Tin Foil Art Project for Kids

This was a really fun kids activities that my kids wanted to make more of very quickly! Besides making beautiful artwork for our home, it makes a great present for grandparents too!


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