Do you love one of our books or products? You can now sign up as an affiliate and make 30% commission each and every time someone you refer makes a purchase! Thanks for your help in letting others know about my programs.

Making Affiliate $$ in 1 > 2 > 3

Step 1 – Join Our Affiliate Program

You can become an affiliate for any or all of programs below:

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(Click on any product and then click on “Join 123Homeschool4Me’s affiliate program” at the bottom)

Step 2 – Grab an Ad & attach your Affiliate Link

Once you’ve signed up as an affiliate, feel free to use any ads below and/or text links. You can use these on your sidebar, in a post, or on social media. Anytime anyone clicks through one of your links and makes a purchase you will make 30%!

How to Grab an Ad:

You can copy and save the graphics to your own computer or copy the html coding below the graphics.

To save to your own computer: Right click on the graphic you would like and then “Save As” to your own computer. Be sure to attach your affiliate link to the image so people can click the image and you will get credit for the sale. Note: The original images are larger

To grab html: Click on the image and grab the html address from the stand alone page.
(If you’d like help making a clickable banner, here’s an excellent tutorial.)

200×250 buttons:

250×160 button:

Teach your child to Read Game 250 wide image

300 x 150 image:

125×125 buttons:

Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten 125x125 button        Preschool 12 Week Reading Program 125x125

Large images (great for posts):

Reading the Easy Way Preschool - Program at a Glance             Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten - Program at a Glance


How to Grab affiliate links :

You will need affiliate links to attach to the images so your readers can click on them and find the program. If you don’t ad the affiliate links so they access the product through your invitation I can’t track what sales to pay you for.  Use affiliate links to make a clickable button on your sidebar, share on Facebook, or to include in a post {where you will get most of your referral sales from}

  1. In E-Junkie, click the “Affiliates” tab in the top right of the web page.
  2. Click “Affiliate Admin” in the blue bar just under the Affiliates tab.
  3. Click “Get affiliate code.”
  4. Select “123Homeschool4Me” from the drop down menu (if you are part of more than one affiliate program).
  5. Next click “Get Affiliate Code” ~ an orange button below the drop down box.
  6. The next page shows html coding in a pale orange box. Highlight that HTML and you can use that in blog posts, etc…
  7. You can also select JUST the web address itself and use it in any other links you share {like the ad images above}. In the example below, it would be the red highlighted part of the coding that you would find similarly in your account. You would just grab from the https until the number part {that is your affiliate number}.

<a href=”″ target=”ejejcsingle”>Click here to visit 123Homeschool4Me.</a>

How to Make the most $$$

You can get sales from clickable buttons in your sidebar and shares on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc. – reminding your readers and new readers of the option at least every month or when there is a promotion available will help keep your sales up).
The majority of your referral sales will come from well written posts by you. If you are writing a post, I recommend you use your own words to describe the product and if possible show pictures of your children completing the lesson or craft. Your readers know and trust you! They are more likely to purchase something you recommend than any fancy ad or text I put together. You are of course welcome to use any of the images below or one of my short descriptions about the book.
Promo Codes I will periodically send out promo codes to my affiliates that you are welcome to share with your readers. Everyone likes to get a good deal – it can generate a lot of buzz.

Step 3 – Getting Paid! 

As an affiliate, you will receive 30% of any sale that happens through your affiliate link. Affiliate payments are made via Paypal and are processed on the 10th of each month for sales that occurred during the previous month.


Thank you for spreading the word!
Beth Gorden