FREE Strawberry Picking Rhyming Cards

This hands-on rhyming activity is perfect for older preschoolers and kindergartners who are working on rhymes and are learning to make predictions when they read.

This activity is LOW PREP! Just print, laminate, and cut. Then, you're all set.

Strawberry Picking Rhyming Cards

Rhyming helps child begin to understand how language works. When children learn to rhyme, they begin to notice sounds within words, and later begin to make predictions as they read.

Learning to rhyme doesn't have to be hard when you have fun hands-on preschool activities with which kids can practice.

Whether you're focusing on "S" in your letter of the week studies or you're adding strawberries to your summer activities, these Strawberry Picking Rhyming Cards are a great way to practice rhyming words.


This set of rhyming cards includes 27 strawberry basket cards and 27 corresponding strawberry cards.

I suggest laminating all of the pages, and then cutting them apart. This will help them last longer. You can also put a velcro dot on each circle (on the basket card) and on the back of each strawberry card.

Next, go over all of the cards with your little learners. Make sure they know exactly what is featured on each card. There is an answer key to reference in case you need it. Once your kids are familiar with each image, it's time to start picking strawberries!


Lay the basket cards out, and have your child say the name of the featured item. Then, have them pick the strawberry that rhymes with the picture on the basket. Place the strawberry on the card matching the velcro dots, if you used them.

It's that easy! Print, cut, and pick strawberries! Kids will have so much fun practicing rhyming this way.

Strawberry Rhymes Extension Activity

Challenge kids to make up silly sentences with their rhyming words. For instance, "There's a mouse in my house.”

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