How Airplanes Fly Lesson for Kids

Kids will be amazed as they learn about how airplanes fly including the history of aeronautics, four forces of flight, and so much more.
Learning about Airplanes for Kids - lots of fun videos, book recommendations, science experiments, and more to help kids learn how airplanes fly.


Before beginning your study of aeronotics I suggest you teach your children about air pressure. Once your students understand air, you are ready to dive in and understand how airplanes fly.

Books to Read


History of Airplanes

Learn about the history of airplanes by reading the books above, a local fieldtrip, and watching a video like the following:


4 Forces of Flight

Help kids understand the four forces of flight: lift, thrust, weight, and drag by watching this video and then doing the following science experiments.

  1. Lift The upward force that is created by the movement of air above and below a wing. Air flows faster above the wing and slower below the wing, creating a difference in pressure that tends to keep an airplane flying.
  2. Gravity The force that pulls all objects towards the earth. 
  3. Thrust The force that moves a plane forward through the air. Thrust is created by a propeller or a jet engine. 
  4. Drag The air resistance that tends to slow the forward movement of an airplane. 
directions to make lots of different paper airplanes

Now I suggest building various paper airplanes and experimenting with the four forces of flight:


Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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