National Donut Day Recipes & Activities

Who doesn't love a good donut. There is something about those delicious about that sweet breakfast treat that brings smiles to kids and adults alike. To sweeten the deal even more donuts are actually a celebrated holiday. Hooray for Donut Day! Mark your calendars and get the kids in the kitchen to savor all that is donuts. There is a recipe on here to satisfy your donut loving heart and even a few activities to have fun with too! Celebrate your donut day!
Delicious Donut Day Recipes

National Donut Day

1. These eggless and diary free Caramel Apple Donuts are totally drool worthy. Nerdy Mama

2. Have you ever seen anything more delicious than this Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Thrifty Jinxy

3. How about these Pear Fruit "Donuts" that make one delicious fruity snack. On My Kids Plate

4. Check out this delightful Krispie Kreme Donut Hole recipe that is vegan and gluten free! Nerdy Mama

5. Homemade Blizzard Donuts are so super easy to make! Shopping Kim

6. Calling all you cookie fans! Check out these Oreo Cake Mix Donuts that are sweetly satisfying. Home Cooking Memories


7. You won't even want cookies after you have tried these scrumptious Frosted Sugar Cookie Baked Donuts! Artsy Fartsy Mama

8. Guiltless and delicious, whip up these Healthy Donuts with Berries that are incredible. Just the Woods

9. The kids will go crazy over Despicable Me Minion Donuts. Woo hoo! The Flying Couponer

10. Oh my goodness, breakfast has never been better than Apple Pie Donuts with a caramel glaze! The Soccer Mom Blog

11. Get the best of both cinnamon rolls and donuts in these Glazed Cinnamon Bun Donuts. Home Cooking Memories

national donut day activities

More Donut Day Fun

1. Every book needs a cute Donut Corner Bookmark. Red Ted Art

2. Donut Playdough Mats are perfect playdough fun while your donuts are baking! The Art Kit

3. This Literacy Donut Snack with Printable is a wonderful way to build word and letter comprehension while having a little fun too! Primary Playground

4. Having a few of these Donut Counting Mats on hand are great for number recognition. The Inspiration Edit

5. Why not wear a Shrinky Dink Donut Charm Bracelet to celebrate donut day in style! Happiness is Homemade

6. This Polymer Clay Donut Jewelry is perfect creative donut fun! Artsy Fartsy Mama

7. Keep those littles busy while waiting for your favorite donut with a Frosted Donut Craft for toddlers. The Mama Workshop

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Beth Gorden

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