AMAZING 2 ingredient Playdough Recipe

Friday, April 6, 2018

AMAZING 2 ingredient Playdough Recipe

You are going to love this soft as silk, 2 ingredient Playdough Recipe that you can whip up in less than 1 minute!
EASY 2 ingredient playdough recipe! This homemade playdough is no cook, made without cream of tartar and without salt. Find out how to make this DIY playdough that is super soft with conditioner and cornstarch.  Plus it is NO COOK. You can make this in 1 minute and have ours of fun kids activities for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and more.

Playdough Recipe

Your family will love playing with this soft as silk easy playdough recipe!

conditioner playdough

Start out by mixing 1 cup of hair conditioner (any kind you like) with food coloring.

mix well to mix food coloring into hair conditioner

Mix well to mix food coloring into hair conditioner.

cornstarch playdough

Now add in 2 cups of cornstarch and mix until you get a dough consistency.

easy playdough recipe

Knead it together the dough consistency (above) until you get a soft, easy to mold easy playdough recipe.
playdough recipe

This playdough recipe uses only 2 simple ingredients and makes the smoothest, most wonderfully easy to mold playdough you've ever played with.

simple homemade playdough recipe using cornstarch and hair conditioner


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