Moses: 10 Plagues of Egypt and Crossing the Red Sea Bible Craft

Make your Sunday School Lessons come alive with this creative activity and bible craft for telling the story of the plagues of Egypt and the crossing of the red sea.
Moses Sunday School Lesson with 10 Plagues of Egypt Activity and Crossing the Red Sea Bible craft

Plagues of Egypt Activity

   We started off with an opening activity. We picked kids to draw on our large white board a picture of one of the Plagues of Egypt. The child who guessed got to draw next. We continued until we had covered all 10 plagues.
  • Water to blood (Ex. 7:19-21) 
  • Frogs (Ex. 8:5-6)
  • Gnats or lice (Ex. 8:16-19)
  • Flies (Ex. 8:20-24, Egyptians only)
  • Livestock died. (Ex. 9:1-7, Egyptians only)
  • Boils (Ex. 9:8-11, Egyptians only)
  • Hail (Ex. 9:18-26, Egyptians only)
  • Locusts (Ex. 10:12-15) 
  • Three days of darkness (Ex. 10:21-23, Egyptians only)
  • Death of firstborn (Ex. 12:21-30, God protected those with the lamb’s blood on the door)
Moses said to Pharaoh “The Lord God says, ‘Let My People Go!’ ” Pharaoh did not listen to Moses. God sent 10 plagues before Pharaoh let God’s people leave Egypt. God proved to the Egyptians that He is the one true God.

Moses and 10 Plauges of Egypt

Plagues of Egypt Storytelling Activity

As we told the story, we wanted to use an activity to help the kids remember the plagues and make the story come alive in a fun way for our 2nd grade class. So every time we mentioned a plague the kids had to do the "motion" to go along with it:
  • Water to blood - plug nose
  • Frogs - hope like frog & saw ribbit
  • Gnats or lice - scratch at scalp like you have lice
  • Flies - wave hands in the air to shoo the flies
  • Livestock died - moo like a cow and then die with tongue out
  • Boils - act like you are crying because they hurt
  • Hail-  pat legs making the sound of hail
  • Locusts - act like you are eating as the locust ate everything in sight
  • Three days of darkness - cover your eyes
  • Death of firstborn - use hand to make the cut/dead motion with hand in front of neck.
This was lots of fun, helped them memorize the plagues, and was fun to review at the end too!

Parting of the Red Sea Bible Craft

This is such a cute, fun to make Bible craft!

Moses and the Parting the Red Sea Bible Craft for Kids


  • brown/orange paper (for bottom of Red Sea)
  • blue paper (for water)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • free stand up figures (the idea for the craft came from here)
  • markers
  • fish stickers (optional)
Holding the blue paper horizontally, cut it in half. Stack the halves on top of each other and cut slits about 1-2" wide along the side leaving 2-3" at the other side.

Now glue down the sides on your brown/orange paper. Use a pencil and curl the slits around the pencil to make the water movement. 

Color and cut out the figures and glue in the land between the waters. Affix fish stickers in the water if you like. 

Finally, our kids really enjoyed singing this song (while watching the video) which went along perfectly with our lesson!

Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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