FREE Math Mysteries - FUN Addition and Subtraction Math Problems

Addition practice and critical thinking skills can be a tough sell for kids. But these detective themed mystery numbers are a great way to work on both! Figure out the mystery numbers using addition and subtraction skills as well as knowledge of even and odd math worksheets
FREE Math Mysteries - FUN Addition and Subtraction Math Problems - these free printable math word problems make it fun for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students to practice math.

Math Problems

Addition / Subtraction Practice

What Number Am I Detective Math

It's time to pretend to be a detective and find these mystery numbers! Use the clues to figure out which number belongs on each card!

math problems

There are two sets of these cards - one for addition under 10 and one for addition under 20. Each card includes a clue based on even and odd numbers and 2 clues that include either addition or subtraction.

There is also a recording sheet included for use with a group of kids.

How to Set Up the Mystery Math Cards

If you're going to use the set in a group, I'd recommend laminating the cards. This way kids can use dry erase markers on the cards but they can still be reused. Have them write their final answer on a recording sheet.

Otherwise, the cards can be used on plain paper for just one child.

math word problems

How to Use the Detective Math Mystery Cards

These cards rely on logic to figure out the answer, but the answer can be found purely through using math.

Go through each clue and eliminate as many numbers as possible until the final number is revealed.

The first clue is always indicating whether the number is even or odd. So start by crossing off any number that is excluded.

Keep moving through the cards until there is just one number left. That is the mystery number!

My kids enjoyed acting like detectives while doing their math (and I totally keep magnifying glasses on hand just for occasions like this!)

addition and subtraction practice for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade

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