Educational Card Games Kids will Love

Monday, December 18, 2017

Educational Card Games Kids will Love


Do your kids like playing cards? Card games played with a regular deck of cards are already educational, but you can make playing cards even more educational when you try some of these educational card games. 

Educational Card Games Kids will Love - so many fun math games you can play using a deck of cards or an uno deck with kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade

These card games for kids use regular playing cards (and sometimes Uno cards) to teach math skills and more to kids in elementary school. Try the new games below the playing card games for even more educational fun in playing card form!

Try these fun educational card games in your homeschool this week!

Card Games

card games

Use these printables for card addition games.

Use these printables for card division games.

Kids will love this multiplication dice game. //Schooling Active Monkeys

Make math fun with Uno cards! //Schooling Active Monkeys

This addition to 100 game is a fun way to use cards.

math games for kids

Kids will love this greater than less than card game. //Better than Homework

Make math fun with a number match slap. //Hands on As We Grow

So many fun math game ideas here. // Coffee Cups and Crayons

Make a bridge from playing cards. // Homeschool Creations

You can learn fractions with playing cards, too. // What Do We Do All Day

Use cards to learn place values. // Hands On As We Grow

Learn number matching with Uno cards. // Inspiration Laboratories



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