FREE Christmas Phonics Puzzles

Identifying beginning sounds in words takes a lot of practice for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Our free printable initial sound letter matching Christmas puzzles are the perfect addition to learning centers or homeschool table work during December!
FREE Christmas Phonics Puzzles - this is a fun, easy to prepare Christmas learning activities perfect for kids and children in preschool, kindergarten,and first grade to practice alphabet letters, phonics, and beginning sounds

Christmas Learning Activities

Christmas Phonics Puzzles


This printable set of initial sound letter matching Christmas puzzles includes 26 puzzles. Each puzzle includes 3 pieces. One part has Santa's sled and an uppercase and lowercase letter on it. The other 2 parts have Christmas presents with images on each present that begin with the same letter.

Print the puzzles and cut them apart on the black borders. Each puzzle is a square shape. Cut the wavy lines across the middle of the puzzle and then down the straight line in between the present pieces.

The object of this initial sound puzzles is to put all 3 pieces of the puzzles back together matching the letter with the correct presents.

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Other Ways to Play

To introduce the puzzles to my preschoolers who are practicing letter sounds, I only cut one of the presents off from the puzzle. So each puzzle had the purple and yellow present still attached. The blue, green, and red presents were cut from the puzzle. This way, my preschoolers could use this printable activity as independently as possible. This helps set up the group for success, and allows me to pull another group to work on focused skills. If there was confusion, saying the attached initial sound picture would give a clue as to what the initial sound was. It would make it easier to find just one match instead of 2.

Playing with just a few puzzles at the beginning will make the game fun, and less overwhelming. Start with very familiar letters and sounds. Another idea is to just start with the letters in the child's name.

In my preschool classroom, I will tape the top part of the puzzle pieces being used to the table. This way, the initial sound letter matching Christmas puzzles are not getting mixed up. This allows a small group to work together without the puzzles going everywhere.

No matter how the puzzles are played, lots of learning skills are being focused on and practiced!

Grab your set of free printable initial sound letter matching Christmas puzzles HERE.

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