History of Flight for Kids

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

History of Flight for Kids

Did you know that November is National Aviation History Month? The history of aviation, flight, and planes is of great interest to kids. Your kids will love learning about planes and how they work with these fun airplane crafts and airplane activities!
Help kids learn about the history of flight with these fun books, activities, worksheets, and more.

Before starting in on these activities, check out some of these books about the history of aviation and planes to learn something about this wonderful invention. You may be surprised at what even you learn when completing this airplane unit study! Use one or two ideas, or use them all if your kids are extremely interested in learning more about airplanes and flight. Maybe you are teaching a future pilot!

Activities and Ideas for Learning about Aviation History Month

Take these ideas and use them to spark an entire unit study about the history of aviation and how we have conquered the sky all the way to space, the moon, Mars, and beyond. The brief history of flight is truly fascinating to learn about!

Books about Airplanes and Aviation

Read these books to learn the basics of aviation history and how we learned to fly.


Then, I'd encourage you to check out these lesson plan ideas on How Things Fly from the Smithsonian!

Airplane Crafts and Activities for Kids

airplane crafts for kids
Your kids won’t realize they are learning when you complete these plane activities!

airplane worksheets for kids

Your kids might also like it if you make delicious edible airplanes

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