Coding Activities for Kids

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Coding Activities for Kids

Did you know that October 3rd is Techie's day? Celebrate with these fun coding activities for kids.
Coding Activities for Kids- lots of fun, clever, hands on games for kids of all ages to learn computer programming.

This is a day to celebrate all things technology-based, computer-oriented, and cutting-edge. Kids can get in on this day too with these fun coding activities for kids. These coding activities are mostly all offline, teaching kids the thinking and logic behind programming and coding, without crowding them around a screen all day. Kids will love these hands-on coding games and activities that will help them celebrate Techie's Day in style.

Technology is the career of the future, and helping kids form a knowledge base about technology, programming, coding, and other tech-heavy skills is a wonderful way to help prepare them for the future. Even preschoolers can help learn the basic logic behind programming with many of these activities, which are perfect for kids of all ages. Each activity can be adapted for a range of ages, from preschool all the way up to high school.

Coding Activities for Kids

Try your hands at these fun coding games and activities and your kids just might become the new techie in your house!
Coding Activities for Kids

Code your birthday into a fun wearable bracelet!

coding games for kids

Coding Apps and Games


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