Apple Tree Bubble Wrap Prints

Your kids are going to flip when they see how fun it is to make this apple craft with bubble wrap!

It's hard to believe a new school year is already upon us. With that brings apples and apple crafts! We have a fun bubble wrap apple tree craft to share today. This apple activity is great for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary ages, and goes along really with apple books as an art extension activity.

Apple season and all of the apple activities that go along with it are so much fun. We've previously made bubble wrap trees, and that was a big hit with my kids. This time we wanted to paint the bubble wrap and print with it, so we tried something a little bit different!

Bubble Wrap Apple Crafts


  • brown construction paper
  • piece of paper for the background (white or blue works nicely)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • bubble wrap (we used a recycled bubble wrap mailer)
  • red and green paint
  • paint brush
Most bubble wrap should work well for this. We got our bubble wrap from a recycled mailer. We've also used bubble wrap from the dollar store. Bigger bubbles will make bigger apples.

brown construction paper, bubble wrap, paint, and white paper

To get this craft ready, cut a tree trunk shape from the brown construction paper. This doesn't need to be perfect as the paint will cover some of it anyway. I cut multiple tree trunks by folding the paper into thirds and cutting the three layers at once.

Next, cut a tree top shape from the bubble wrap. I cut a circle out first and then cut waves around it.

Glue the tree trunk to the center of the background paper.

paint the bubble wrap with green and red paint

Paint the bumpy side of the bubble wrap green.

Next, choose some bubbles to paint red. These dots will be the apples.

press painted bubble wrap on paper to make bubble wrap printed apple tree

Carefully turn the bubble wrap over and press it onto the paper on top of the tree trunk. Be sure to press all around the bubble wrap to make sure all of the paint prints onto the tree.

Slowly peel the bubble wrap up off of the paper and set aside.

apple crafts using bubble wrap prints

After it dries your tree is complete!

Apple Activities for September

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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