FREE Ice Cream Make 10 Clip Cards

How much fun would it be to practice addition using ice cream themed clip cards? These cards are so versatile and easy to use! The kids will LOVE learning addition. Today, I will share these fun clip cards which you can also use with play dough!

These fun hands-on clip cards will be a hit with your preschool, prek, and kindergarten age child as they start to grasp what they need to add on to make ten.

Counting to 10 

Make Ten Clip Cards

Children learning to count and add their numbers will definitely benefit from this activity. They will use their reasoning to figure out how many more scoops they will need to make ten.

make 10 summer math for preschool, prek, kindergarten

I like to prepare the kids before they begin clipping and counting with their cards. We play a quick addition game where I ask and show the numbers on my hands: "How many more do I need to make ten if I have 2?" and I show them the number two on my fingers.

They will then tell me how many they think I will need and so on. We do this until I feel like everyone in the class understood the concept to play with their cards.

ice cream themed math activity for kindergarten and preschool

To prepare
  • Download the activity cards below
  • Print in COLOR or BLACK & WHITE (use card stock or laminate the pages)
  • Cut the cards out.
  • Store them in a plastic sleeve or file folder.
  • Prepare some pegs for clipping and dough for their ice cream scoops.
To play
  • Students will be working on their cards in a group. They take one card and count the scoops on that card.
  • They then count on to figure out how many more scoops they need to make a total of ten scoops.
  • Once they figure out that number, they clip the correct number.
  • Then then make ice cream scoops on the cards to show how many more scoops they need.
  • I usually check their work as I go around the class.
  • This fun activity can be repeated for practice!

Download  Ice Cream Make 10 Clip Cards

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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