FREE Back to School Fraction Games for Comparing Fractions

Kids will have fun learning about fractions with this back so school math activity for Kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students.
FREE Back to School Fractions - hands on activities to understand fractions, roll and cover fraction worksheets, fraction graphing and more! LOW PREP that can be printed in color or black and white and is perfect for kindergarten, first grade, or 2nd grade math centers, homeschool, summer learning, or math activity.

Fractions can be a tricky topic for kids. The idea that bigger numbers are smaller fractions is confusing until you see the reason why. But many people never get the chance to see the reason. They just accept that bigger numbers and smaller fractions and memorize the ideas.

But math depends on understanding, not just memorization. We need to make sure kids fully understand the reasoning behind fractions so they can apply the logic to other areas in math as well.


LOW PREP! Print in color or black and white!!


How to Set Up the Back to School Fractions Worksheets

There are two parts to the pencil fractions pages:

  •  The first part is pencils cut into fractions to use in hands on comparing fractions
  •  The second part is a set of fraction worksheets designed for further fraction practice.
Print the pencil fractions on card stock or use a laminator. Since they are a hands on resource, they tend to get destroyed quickly on regular paper. We just used card stock and they held up well.

The worksheets and dice can be printed on regular paper with no issue

back to school math activity

How to Use the Pencil Fractions

The fraction cards are my favorite way to teach fractions. It's easy to show that a fraction is part of a whole and that when you cut something into more pieces, each piece is smaller.

But once they are past the basics on fractions, teaching equivalent fractions and how to compare fractions is the next challenging task!

I love using the pencil fraction cards as a visual to fractions.

Notice that all of the pencils are the same exact length. So you can easily compare to sets of fractions

equivalent fractions

Comparing fraction images is not the most precise way of comparing fractions. But for fractions as large as 1/5 and 1/6, it should be accurate enough. These cards aren't meant for doing actual calculations, but more for showing visually that you cannot just guess at what is bigger. A great example is comparing 2/3 and 3/6.

fraction worksheets

Back to School Fraction Worksheets

There are multiple fraction worksheets to enhance the fraction cards.

The first is roll and color fractions. The printable set comes with a fraction die. Put it together, then roll it and see what you get! Color (or dab) the fraction you've rolled until they're all gone.

This page can also be used with little coins or something to just cover the fractions. Then the page will be reusable.

graphing fractions math worksheet for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade

The second page is a graphing page. Again, use the die to graph the fractions you've rolled!

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