Cupcake Liner Octopus Ocean Craft

Summer is right around the corner, and I've been thinking about all things ocean! So today we have the cutest little octopus craft to share with you. It's made using a cupcake liner and is a simple craft to make to go along with ocean themes.
Cupcake Liner Octopus Craft for Kids - This is such a cute, easy-to-make ocean craft that toddler, preschool, prek, kindergarten, and first grade kids will love making (kids activities, summer crafts)

I don't know about you, but somehow I always end up with extra cupcake liners in my kitchen.

Sometimes, I grab them when they are on sale and forget I have them.

So on a whim I decided we needed to do a craft to use some up, and I think this little cupcake liner octopus turned out super cute!

Ocean Craft

ocean craft


  • cupcake liners
  • construction paper
  • googly eyes
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • markers
*Note: A glue stick should be used for this craft instead of school glue, because school glue makes the cupcake liner too wet.

cupcake liners, construction paper, googly eyes, glue stick, kid scissors and markers

First, cut eight strips of colored construction paper. Our strips were about six inches long.

roll construction paper over pencil to curl the strip

Next, curl the ends of all of the strips of paper. To do this, we used a pencil and wrap the ends of the paper around it, about halfway up. You cal also use a paper, craft stick, marker, etc. to help curl the paper.

attach curled construction paper arm to cupcake liner

Bend the flat ends of the curled paper strips inward. This will make the octopus legs stick out nicely after being glued to the cupcake liner.

Glue the ends of the paper strips around the edges of the cupcake liner and continue all the way around as shown below.

attach all curled eight octopus arms

Now it's time to make a face! Attach googly eyes using a glue stick.

Next, use a marker to draw a mouth on the octopus.

O is for Octopus Preschool Craft

And that's it!

These also look very cute hanging from the ceiling to make them look like they are swimming! Just attach string from the top center and you'll a very cute decoration for an ocean or under-the-sea theme.

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