FREE Birds on a Branch ABC Games

Make learning letter sounds fun with this fun, spring themed, FREE printable Bird on a Branch ABC Games.
FREE Bird on a Branch ABC Games - Kids will have fun practicing upper and lower case letters, differentiation alphabet letters, and more with this fun and free printable alphabet game for preschool, prek, and kindergarten.

This is such a fun alphabet activity to help Preschool, Prek, or Kindergarten age students with  be differentiation in the classroom or at home.

 Our Birds on a Branch Alphabet Match printable game covers uppercase and lowercase letter matching as well as matching initial sounds. It's perfect for spring and so easy to prep!

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Birds on a Brand Alphabet Match

This free printable Birds on a Branch Alphabet Match activity includes 26 bird images sitting in a nest on a branch labeled with an uppercase letter. There are 26 purple lowercase birds and 26 blue birds with a picture.

Print the pages from the file below that you need for the activity. Laminate the pages or print on cardstock for extra durability. Cut apart on the dotted gray lines. It takes no time to prep this activity with a paper cutter!

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I like to use a table to play alphabet matching games with my preschoolers. I will actually tape the uppercase branch cards to the table and put the other birds in a basket to play!

Differentiated Ways to Play

uppercase lowercase practice

The basic way to play our Birds on a Branch Alphabet Match is to match all of the lowercase purple birds to the uppercase orange bird on the branch. If you spread out the uppercase cards, it makes it easier for young learners to see all options when looking for the correct match.

For learners just starting out recognizing lowercase letters, 26 cards may be overwhelming and lead to frustration. Sort out 5 sets of uppercase and lowercase cards to begin with. Trade out with another group of 5 sets and then another set until all cards have been practiced and matched. As confidence builds, add more cards into the groups until all 26 cards can be played with independently.

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For those who are ready to identify initial sounds in simple words, use the blue bird cards with pictures for this activity. Match each uppercase letter card with the correct initial sound on the blue bird cards. Again, only add a few sets in a group to begin with so that frustration doesn't occur if needed.

If you have students who are working at different levels or multiple aged kids at home, give the blue birds to those who are ready to work with initial sounds and the purple birds to those who are working on lowercase recognition. Each can use the same branch to match their birds to!

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