FREE Digraph Puzzles

These digraph puzzles are a fun and simple way to practice these important beginning sounds. They are perfect for Kindergarten and Grade 1 children. And if they cut up their own puzzles they get fine motor practice, too!
FREE Digraph Puzzles - th, wh, sh, ch, qu, ph perfect for helping Kindergarten and first grade practice identifying digraphs in words (spelling, reading, centers, homeschool). Includes options to print in color or black and white!

digraph is a pair of letters that make one sound. Here are some FREE printables for practicing digraphs, blends, trigraphs, word families, and more.



What digraphs are included?

This list tells you all the digraphs and words that are included in this pack.
  • TH: thin, thorn, throne, thumb, thirty and think.
  • WH: whistle, whip, whale, whisk, wheel and whiskers.
  • SH: sheep, shoe, shell, shower, shrimp and shoulders.
  • CH: cherries, cheeks, chair, church, chips and cheese.
  • QU: quail, quiet, quack, queen, queue and quick.
  • PH: phone, photographer, photo, phew, pharmacy and physician.

How to prepare

Download this pack (below) then print the color or black and white versions onto card and cut apart. If using black and white your kids might like to color them before cutting.

Using these digraph puzzles

  • Review the digraph sounds with your child. Can they say the sounds?
  • Look at the pictures and say the word – what is the beginning digraph sound?
  • Put the puzzle pieces together by matching the beginning sounds.
  • A word list is included in the download in case you're not sure what words are meant by each picture!

Download Digraph Puzzles

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Beth Gorden

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