Addition & Subtraction Board Game: Math Fluency within 5

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Addition & Subtraction Board Game: Math Fluency within 5

Having confidence and achieving math fluency within numbers 1 to 5 is one goal of Kindergarten. This board game is designed to encourage Preschool and Kindergarten children to have fun with addition and subtraction within 5 in order to gain mastery.
FREE Addition & Subtraction Board Game to help preschool and kindergarten age children gain math fluency within numbers 1 to 5. LOW PREP! Perfect for school breaks, homeschool, math centers, and more.

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Addition & Subtraction Board Game: Math Fluency within 5

It's one thing to be able to count to 5, but quite another to quickly be able to add and subtract within those 5 numbers (or 6, if you include 0).


How to prepare

Print in color OR black and white game versions onto card stock.


  • Cut out the spinner by cutting around the circle OR simply cutting a square shape that includes the spinner.
  • Use a pencil tip and paper clip to spin OR add a brad.
  • OR make a hole in the center, add a split pin and attach a paper clip for spinning.


  • Cut out of card, slip into a paper clip and get them to stand up by adding blu tac or play dough to the bottom of the paper clip.
Kindergarten children will enjoy practicing addition and subtraction within 5 with this simple board game!

How to Play

  1. Place counters on START
  2. Spin the spinner
  3. Hold the number in your mind
  4. Move your counter to the next space that matches the number on the spinner
  5. Take it in turns, moving around the board to the END.

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