Place Value Ice Cream Match

Kids will love counting tens and ones with these place value ice-creams! I love using them for small group work or as part of a math center.

Ideally, kids will have had some exposure to base ten blocks prior to completing these puzzles. If not, you can explain what a ten and one is using the pictures provided.

This is a great math game to help kids get a good foundation with place value and ones / tens. 

This activity is recommended for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

Place Value Math Game

Print the ice-cream puzzles on cardstock or use a laminator for added durability. Next cut out the puzzles and you're all set!


To Play
I began by showing the kids what a ten and a one looked like using base ten blocks

I explained that one ten is made up of ten cubes and that's why it is called a ten. After that I spread out the place value ice-creams and showed the kids how to find a matching pair. 

Soon the kids were busy reading the numbers and finding the ice-cream scoops with the same amounts. Once all the puzzles were made we checked over them together. 

HINT:  Another activity you could do with this resource, is ordering the cones from the smallest numbers to the largest numbers.

Math Games for Kids

Place Value Ice-Creams Square

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