Homeschool Curriculum K, 3rd grade, 5th grade

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Homeschool Curriculum K, 3rd grade, 5th grade

I love taking a peak at other people's homeschool curriculum choices! So... here is what we are going to be studying this upcoming year in Kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 5th grade as well as the things we are tweaking in our homeschool this year.
Homeschool Curriculum for Kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 5th grade - so many great ideas from a homeschooling mom where it only takes 3-4 hours a day, 4 days a week.

Have you picked out your homeschool curriculum yet?  I love the start of a new year - getting everything organized and starting fresh!

Since I know I am always interested in what curriculum everyone is using, here is our Kindergarten, 3rd grade, and fifth grade curriculum choices for the upcoming year.

You can also take a peak at our past homeschool curriculum choices.

Homeschool Curriculum 

I started off printing off my lesson plans, our field trip log, extra curricular log, and the kids checklists. [get these homeschool forms FREE]. The kids will “check off” their work on our school punchcards.

Homeschool Planning

We all "do school" together at our dining room table. We start at 8am (my crazy kids are up by 6:30 every morning).  SEE HOW WE DO SCHOOL IN 15 HOURS A WEEK

My 3rd grader starts by practicing piano while I go through my 5th graders work for the day, then he plows through asking me any questions as he goes. Then my 5th grader practices piano and I go through my 3rd graders work for the day. Meanwhile my Kindergartner usually starts with an educal game or Ap while she waits. Now it is her turn and I sit with her for the next 45 minutes give or take until she is done.

It is usually about 11am by the time everyone is done with their independent school work and we will do either science, art, social studies, or music all together. We have lunch at noon and the kids will spend time reading in the afternoon, playing independently, and doing any extra curriculars like gymnastics or piano lessons.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum

  • Kindergarten Daily Calendar (so much great learning here and it's FREE!)
  • Sing Spell Read & Write - K  My kids have responded really well to this fun, multi sensory approach of this outstanding complete language arts curriculum.  [read why we use Sing Spell Read & Write]  We supplement it with Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten [sight word worksheets, games, readers, and more]
  • Bob Jones Kindergarten Math
  • Plus she will join in with her big brother and sister as we study science, art, music, and social studies
  • It takes us about 1-2 hours a day to do everything above
3rd grade homeschool curiculum

3rd Grade Curriculum 

5th grade curriculum

5th Grade Curriculum



  1. I also love seeing what others are using. Would you mind if I ask what it says on on your monthly schedules under the subject titles? I'm making my own monthly schedule and I was just wondering if I've missed some info that I would need to put on it :-)

  2. You can grab them free here ( Under the subject I list what pages we are doing what day.

  3. Thank you for that Beth. I was also wondering if you would mind sharing the excel file for the #1 (etc.) Monthly Schedule for ________. I was about to make my own since it wasn't included in the free homeschool forms and I've looked and looked and I like your way the best. :-) I just didn't want to reinvent the file if you had it available and I missed it. Thank you for your help. I found you by stumbling onto your video about how you homeschool in 15 hours a week. After 11 years of homeschooling I've already made some changes after watching that video. We start the 15th!

    1. I've added the editable homeschool planner I use here:


    2. Thank you so much Beth! This is a wonderful help to me. I greatly appreciate you sharing! Blessings to you!