Soap Craft for Kids

This is such a fun activity for kids of all ages! It is easy to make and allows kids to use lots of creativity.  We used this soap craft after our Sunday School Lessons on Jesus healing a leper.
Soap Craft Kids Activities for Preschool Kindergarten 1st grade 2nd grade

Kids from Preschool and Kindergarten to 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade are going to love this fun, simple project. Kids can use their creativity to mold the soap as they like.

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Soap Craft for Kids

soap carvings kids activities

For this fun, simple craft all you need is a bar of ivory soap (about $0.30 each), a plastic knife, and small cookie cutters if you like.

just press lightly and you can easily smooth out the brand name

Ivory soap works best because not only is it cheap, but it is easy to cut, carve, and rearrange.
Use your finger to gently smooth out the brand name.

3D soap carving kids activities

To make a 3D carving just press the cookie cutter in. Then use your knife to cut out some of the soap surrounding the cookie cutter to make a nice flat surface.

Soap Craft for Kids

The possibilities with this project are endless! You can completely cut out the shape, carve the soap, or make a 3D image on the soap.

Above: Elsa, 3D flower, heart with Jesus Heals scratched using a toothpick

Soap Activities for Kids

We used this soap craft along with our Sunday School Lesson from Mark 1:40-45 where we talked about how Jesus healed a leper.
Soap cleanses us from dirt. Jesus cleanses us from sin. Who can take away our sin? Jesus can and wants to cleanse us from sin.

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