Netflix for Children's Books

Monday, February 15, 2016

Netflix for Children's Books

Have you ever heard of Farfaria? It is being called the netflix for children's books! Come take a peak at this remarkable program that allows you to pick from over 1000 ebooks for kids by interest and reading level!
Farfaria ebooks for kids ap with thousands of books arranged by theme with book level and grade level to pick just the right one
This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Educents. I never share anything I can’t honestly endorse. I know you will LOVE this amazing product!

Right now you can save 50% of Farfaria's Unlimited ebooks!

Just download the app and pick the book genre and title that appeal most to your child. For children who are reading, you will love that you can pick the book at just their reading level as each book lists the grade level, book level, and lexile so your child will be excited about reading!

Get 1 year of unlimited Netflix for Kids for only $19.99 (offer ends 2/28/16)

eBooks for Kids

book ap for kids with thousands of ebooks

Young kids and early readers need to be reading a lot.

For parents that means buying a lot of books or heading to the library lots! Their books are shorter and you will go through dozens or more a week. This is not only good, but a great indicator of future reading success.

Farfaria offers over 1000 ebooks for kids (see catalog here)

ebooks for kids by grade level, book level

With Farfaria you can not only get lots of books conveniently at your ipad, kindle, phone, and more, but they will be right at your child's reading level!

read kids ebooks offline anywhere

Plus you can save books so they can be read offline anywhere! Kids can read at the park, doctor's office, in the car, on vacation, Grandma's house, and more!

Take a closer look at Farfaria.

If you order by 2/28/16 you can get 50% off Farfaria's unlimited ebooks for kids - only $19.99 for 1 year! This just might be the best thing you buy for your homeschool this year!

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