Painting Christmas Mystery Pictures

Kids of all ages will love this Christmas activity for kids! Kids will use watercolor paint to reveal a Christmas mystery picture!
Christmas Mystery Pictures Craft for Kids - this is such a clever Chrsitmas craft for kids! Kids of all ages will love this Christmas painting activity!

This is a really fun Christmas activity for kids that takes just a couple minutes to prepare.

I used this kids activities with a preschooler, 1st grader, and 3rd grade student and they all loved it!
All you need is paper (cardstock works best), scotch tape, and watercolor paint.

Christmas Mystery Picture Craft for Kids

use tape to make the outline of a Chrsitmas picture

On paper (preferably cardstock so it stands up to the watercolors well) make the outline of a simple Christmas picture using scotch tape. Here are some ideas for what you can make:
  • present
  • Christmas tree
  • gingerbread man
  • snowflake
  • wreath
  • etc.
paint with watercolor paint to reveal a christmas mystery picture

Now have your child paint over the paper using watercolor paint.

Hint: You may want to guide them to the main color as they start. For example I told my son to paint his picture in various shades of blue.

elementary kids christmas painting kids activities

My kids eagerly painted away as they tried to figure out what their mystery picture would be!

snowflake mysteyr picture

You can see over my 3rd graders shoulders that some of the snowflake is coming out. I love that the tape still holds a little color, but stays so much lighter that it really pops.

Christmas Craft for Kids - Painting Mystery Pictures

Here are a couple of the finished Christmas Mystery Pictures.  It is such a fun, simple concept that kids will really enjoy!

Again, this Christmas Craft for Kids is perfect for kids from 3 all the way up to 10 years of age!

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Beth Gorden

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