EASY Red and Green Christmas Cookies

This is the perfect Christmas cookie recipe. They are so pretty and festive while at the same time being delicious and quick. These beauties only take 5 minutes to make – and your kids can help you with almost every step!
Christmas Cookies Recipe - These cookie are so pretty and easy to make! I love the mixture of the salty pretzel with the peppermint and chocolate. My kids helped me make these in just 5 minutes!

This Christmas Cookie Recipe is a favorite in our house! Why?

  • So pretty!
  • Delicious!
  • EASY to make!

Your family will quickly become a fan of the perfect Christmas Cookie Recipe. The wonderfully satisfying salty, peppermint and chocolate flavor combines with how quick and easy these are to make. They are a winner for sure!

5 Minute Red and Green Christmas Treats Recipe

All you need to make these pretty & delicious 5 minute Christmas Cookies is:
kids will love helping

Preheat the oven to 350 F. 

On a parchment lined baking sheet have your kids help you put one Candy Cane Kiss on each pretzel. They can be pretty close to each other as they don’t really “spread”.

Put them in the oven for 3 minutes. (they should be a slightly squishy circle on top of the pretzels)

christmas m&ms

Pull out the pretzels place them on a hot pad. If your children are old enough to help you without burning themselves on the hot cookie sheet, have them help you put one M&M (M side down) on each pretzel. You want to gently press them down in the center.

Press the M&M into the melted chocolate

Let the chocolate re-harden before eating, storing, or making into gift bags (we do lots of these!).

Note: To speed up the hardening process, you can just pop the cookie sheet into the fridge (or cold garage) for a couple minutes.

christmas cookies

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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