Grammar Activity for Kids: Going on a Noun Hunt

Kids will love the idea of reinforcing nouns with this fun noun hunt activity that can be used indoors or outside.  Perfect for 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade kids. This is such a fun kids activity.
Going on a Noun Hunt - This is such a fun grammar activities elementary for nouns first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade kids to practice nouns. (nouns activities, homeschooling)

We love making learning fun around here.

One way to do that is by involving some sort of movement.  Another way is to take learning outside!

Today's Alphabet Noun Hunt activity does both of those things.  Luckily, this activity is very adaptable, and can be used inside as well.  Print out the activity, grab a pencil, and go hunting for nouns!

Going on a Noun Hunt Grammar Activity


The challenge is to walk around your neighborhood {or inside your house} and see if you can find a noun {or two} for every letter of the alphabet.

It was fun to see what nouns my son came up with for certain letters-- often times they were different than what I was finding!

This alphabet noun hunt is also a great way to get your child spelling and thinking about alphabetical order.  As you find a noun, find the letter the word begins with and write the word in the chart.  Here my son found a noun for the letter B!


To further learning, after you have found nouns for every letter, find out if any were proper nouns.
Talk about the difference between proper nouns and common nouns and how we differentiate between the two.  Or if your student stuck to writing all common nouns, encourage your student to turn it into a proper noun, i.e. flower- Daisy, street sign- Buckley Street, etc.


Another adaptation for this activity is to take this activity along in the car and try to find proper nouns for every letter of the alphabet!

To switch this activity up slightly for older students, have students list twenty or thirty nouns while out on a walk and then work on alphabetizing the words. This is a great activity for hands-on learners that need to move around and experience things in order to understand concepts.

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