Teaching Fractions with Lego

If your kids are visual learners, they will love this hands on math activity teaching about fractions with Lego.
Teaching Fractions with Lego - this is a brilliant idea for helping visual learners really understand this math concept. Kids response so well to fun, tactile math teaching aids!

I’m a visual learner. I learn best when I can see things.

Even as a kid I did better if I could see the math problem or map. Show me a map and I can get you anywhere. Give me step by step directions somewhere and I can only get you there that one time.


Kids from Kindergarten - 3rd grade are going to love this hands on lego educational activity.

Visualizing Math Concepts with Lego

I think helping kids visualize concepts helps the math concept make sense and just “click” with kids.
Here is a wonderful way to help kids really understand fractions using the visual aid of Lego! (I mean what kid wouldn’t want to learn with Lego!)

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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