Jesus in the Temple as a Boy Sunday School Lesson

Help the story of Jesus in the temple as a boy come alive with kids activities and Bible crafts at home or in Sunday School.
Jesus in the temple as a boy sunday school lesson with craft and kids activity for kids in K-4th grade

Sunday School Bible Lesson

For this weeks Sunday School lesson we were in Luke 2:41-52. This lesson works for a wide range of ages, but was geared for kids in K-3rd grade.

Why was Jesus’ visit to the temple important?

Jesus showed that He is God’s Son and that He came to do God’s will.


Jesus in the Temple as a Boy Craft

For this simple to make Bible craft all you will need is a piece of construction paper, 4x9” envelope, jumbo craft sticks, markers, and a glue stick per person.

Jesus in the temple as a boy craft
Glue the back and flap of a 4”x9” plain white envelope on any color construction paper.

church craft for kids - sunday school

Now use a marker to make doors and a cross over the top of the church envelope.

psalm 122 bible craft for kids

Provide a label with the verse on it for kids to affix to the top right of their church craft.
"Let us go to the house of the LORD." Psalm 122:1

jesus in the temple as a boy sunday school craft

Then have kids decorate a jumbo craft stick for each member of their family. You can use google eyes and yarn for hair or make it simple by just using markers.  The family will sit nicely in the church envelope.

Jesus in the Temple as a Boy Kids Activities

STEM - 12 Maze Activities for Kids

During the opening time we had 5 different STEM mazes for the kids to navigate. The kids had a blast.

When we came together for music and the Bible story we explained that Mary and Joseph had to find their way to Jesus whom they accidentally left at the temple.

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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