7 Bible Verse Games (work with any verse)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

7 Bible Verse Games (work with any verse)

Here are seven really fun ways for kids to practice bible verses. These work for any verse and are perfect for Sunday School Lessons for kids of any age that can read.

Help kids practice any Bible verse with these fun, hands on memory verse activities.

These Bible verse games are intended for any age kids that can read – so from 1st grade through 6th grade and up.

Bible Verse Review Games for Kids

Practice makes perfect! Here are 7 really fun, hands on activities to help kid review memory verses.

Bible Verse - Puzzle Review Game

Puzzle Review Game

For this bible verse review game you will need complete puzzles. I recommend getting them for a quarter at a garage sale or at the Target dollar section. We find the 24-48 piece puzzles to be just right.

Complete the puzzle and flip it over. Then write one (or two) words per piece to fit the entire memory verse on the puzzle pieces. Store in a ziplock bag to help kids continue to practicing.

Bible Verse - Domino Memory Verse Activity for Kids

Domino Memory Game

Print a word of your desired bible verse per label (we use Avery 8160). Now stick the labels each on a domino making sure there is no overlap on at least one side so that they will not have trouble standing up.

Kids love lining the dominoes up to make the verse and getting to knock them down when they are done!

Bible Verse - Lego memory verse review activity for kids

Lego Bible Verse Review

Create a block of Lego pieces like above. Make the top line blank so kids will know how wide the block is suppose to be.  Now using a sharpie put one word on each Lego piece.

Kids will need to put together the memory verse word by word.

Note: We use miscellaneous Legos we find at garage sales.

Bible Verse - Index card memory verse review activity

Index Card Memory Verse Game

Write one word of your memory verse on an index card. Continue until you have written all the words. Now leave a pile of the words (all mixed up) next to a line of masking tape on the floor.
Kids will need to put the index cards in order from beginning to the end along the masking tape line.
This is a fun, cooperative activity for kids.

Bible Verse - Post it Memory Verse Review

Post it Memory Game

This super easy to set-up game is a favorite with kids! Just write one word per post it note and stick on the wall in random order.

Kids will re-stick the post it notes on the wall to put the bible verse in order.

Bible Verse - Roll it memory verse review game

Roll it Bible Verse Game

For this memory verse game we identified the six most common words used and slide each of those word in the side of the cube.  Now type the verse and leave blank lines where the six most common words appear. (I suggest making the verse large enough so that you will fit in 2-4 copies of the verse per page)

Kids will take turns rolling the dice and writing the word they rolled onto one of the blank lines. Kids continue until the verse is complete. You can also have kids complete this activity more cooperatively by allowing kids to all add the word that is rolled by anyone.

Bible Verse - white board dash memory verse activity for kids in teams

White Board Dash

This is a fun bible verse game to play with two teams.
  • teams will have a memory verse in front of them with mostly blank lines
  • teams can do the same verse or different ones
  • you can use one white board with a line down the middle or two white boards with one board per team
To play, teams form a line and one at a time team members run to the front to add one word to the board. They run back and the next team member runs up to add another. The game continues until one team finishes their review memory verse.

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  1. Great ideas -- thank you! I have done one similar to your index card lineup with my VBS children. I give each child an index card as I walk around the room, assigning a word or short phrase from our memory verse to write on their card. Then we scramble the cards, giving them to different children. After that, I ask the children to line up (or stand in a circle around the room), putting themselves in order based on what is written on their cards.

    When they think they are done, we read the verse aloud together as they have set it up. Sometimes we find a card or two out of place, but they usually catch on quickly.

    They really enjoy the activity -- and it works!

    Thank you again for sharing your ideas; I'll pass this along. :)

  2. Oh, I almost forgot... I wonder if dry erase marker would work for the Lego game? Whether it would really be easily removable, and whether it would hold up long enough for the practice.... Might be worth a try if you don't have "spare" blocks. :)

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    1. hmm... that posted double for some reason. I tried to delete the double, but I guess it left a footprint, lol. (If you can wipe it out, feel free! lol)