Lego Games – Learn the Alphabet or Books of the Bible

Here is a fun lego games that you can use to learn your alphabet letters or the Books of the Bible.
LOVE THIS! Learn the Books of the Bible using Lego Duplo blocks. (this works for learning the alphabet too)  LOVE the tips for learning middle of the Bible and 1st & 2nd books! Great for Sunday School classes or at homes too.

Learning is always more fun when you add Lego’s! Here is a fun, hands on way for kids to learn their Alphabet or the Books of the Bible using Lego’s.

Learn the Books of the Bible with Lego

Lego Games to learn the Alphabet or Books of the Bible

I labeled one base plate Old Testament and one New Testament.

Then, write the names for the books of the Bible on Lego Duplos. I tried to mix up the colors without making it too obvious what was coming next.

  • I made the Psalms block bigger as I wanted kids to visualize that it is in the middle of the Bible.
  • I used small square Duplos side by side for 1 & 2 books (i.e. 1 Chronicles & 2 Chronicles)

This activity is aimed at 1st-3rd graders and makes a fun, hands on way for kids in Sunday School to learn the Books of the Bible!


Learn the Alphabet with Duplos

This activity would also work well to help Preschool & Kindergarten children practice the alphabet. Just write a letter on each block and have them stack the 26 blocks from A to Z.

Of for no prep alphabet practice see our over 1000 pages of free Alphabet Printables

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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