Dad McMuffins Recipe

My husband came up with this really clever and easy twist on Egg McMuffins that is not only healthier, but a huge time saver. This makes a great breakfast recipes for kids or kids lunch!
Dad McMuffins Breakfast Recipes - You'll love the clever trick used to make these easier, healthier, and more delicious! This is my kids new favorite breakfast.

You and your kids are going to love our Dad McMuffins Recipe!

  • Quick to prepare
  • Healthy (protein, veggies, protein, bread and fruit if you serve it on the side!)
  • CLEVER TRICK (keep reading….)
  • Delicious! (these are highly requested at our house)

We love to serve these for breakfast, lunch, OR dinner for a kid friendly meal!

Breakfast Recipe Kids LOVE!

slice peppers about 1 inch thick

Slice peppers in to about 1” thick rings. We like using sweet peppers, but any kind will do.

Hint: One pepper will make 3-5 slices depending on the size of the pepper. You want to get large, uniformly sized peppers.

how to make the perfect fried egg

Heat a frying pan or griddle to medium-high (350 F) and light butter.

Now crack an egg into each of the pepper rings. We cook ours on a griddle as we can get sandwiches for all 5 of us ready at the same time. If your kids prefer you can scramble the egg in a small bowl before pouring it in the pepper (like the back pepper in the picture)

HINT: Press down around the pepper walls to make a tight seal for 5 seconds to avoid any of the egg creeping under the pepper wall.

flip over the pepper

Cook for about 5-7 minutes and then flip gently with a spatula.  The pepper cooks up beautifully at the same time as the egg.

We sprinkle with salt and pepper at this point.

top with cheese

As soon as you flip the peppers, top with a slice of  White American or Pepper Jack cheese. It will get nice and melted as it cooks during the final 5 minutes.

Dad McMuffin - a kid friendly breakfast

Meanwhile, toast an English Muffin (or use homemade English muffins like we do) in the toaster.

Then put the pepper egg disc in the English Muffin. Serve warm!

healthy breakfast for kids made with a clever twist

This is going to become your families new favorite recipes for any time!

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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