Train Number Puzzle (Free Printable)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Train Number Puzzle (Free Printable)

Help kids practice their numbers with this free printable train puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers.
Train Number Puzzles - This free printable puzzle for toddler and preschool kids help kids practice ordering number from 1-10 and counting animals in each train car. So CUTE!

Help toddlers and preschooler learn their numbers.

This free printable Train Number Puzzle from Totschooling is such a bright colorful way for kids to practice counting from 1-10.

number trains
If your child is ready to count higher or if you have older children make sure you take a peak at my free printable Number Trains. Number trains includes:
  • Counting 10- (PreK)
  • Counting 1-20 (PreK/K)
  • counting 1-30 (K)
  • Counting 1-50 (K/1st)
  • Counting 1-100 (1st)
  • Counting by 2s (1-10 K / 1-100 1st)
  • Counting by 5s (1-50 K /1 –100 1st)
  • Counting by 10s (1-50 K /1 –100 1st)
  • Odd Numbers (1st)
  • Even Numbers (1st)


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