Solve and Stamp Christmas Math

Help kids practice addition and subtractions in a fun, playful way with these Solve & Stamp Mystery Pictures.

Christmas Math Worksheets for Kids - These really fun math practice worksheets for 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade make math fun. As kids solve the addition and subtraction equations they stamp the circle to reveal a mystery picture. Perfect for extra math practice or homeschooling kids.

Solve & Stamp Christmas Math

Kids need lots of practice adding and subtracting numbers 0-10!

They need to know these equations quickly and accurately to build a solid foundation for all future math. Think about it, if you can’t add and subtract single digit numbers, how will you do so with double or triple digit addition & subtraction problems.  Plus they will need those skills when adding the carried over numbers in multiplication or subtracting numbers in long division.

Adding and Subtracting numbers 0-10 is one of the most pivotal math skills kids need to learn!

Help kids practice, review, and become quick at this key skill with these fun Solve & Stamp Math Worksheets.

Christmas Math Worksheets make learning FUN!

Solve & Stamp  Math Worksheets

So why are these math worksheets fun for kids and great at helping kids review?
  • FUN - They are fun because as kids solve equations they will get to use bingo markers and stamp according to the key at the top of each page. When they finish the worksheet they will have made a mystery puzzle.
  • EDUCATIONAL – These worksheets do an amazing job helping kids review because each page is chocked full of addition and subtraction equations form 0-10.

These math worksheets are great for kids from Kindergarten – 4th grade. Sure, the equations may seem simple for older children, but the repetition of so many problems will cement in this essential math skill. The better at the equations they get, the quicker they will get.

When you first introduce these worksheets you may want to give Kindergarten and 1st grade students a block of 10 unifex cubes for them to manipulate and count. By 2nd grade for sure kids will no longer need the counting tool, but should be able to add and subtract numbers mostly in their head with maybe some finger help. The goal with 3rd & 4th graders is for them to memorize all these equations so they can quickly and accurately solve these simple equations.

Christmas Solve & Stamp Worksheets in Action

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Beth Gorden
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