Paper Wreath Christmas Craft for Kids

Here is a super cute, and easy to make Christmas Craft for Kids. Your toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary age kids is going to love this paper wreath kids activities.
Paper Wreath Christmas Craft for Kids - This is such a fun, simple to make Christmas craft. I can see Preschool, Kindergarten and early elementary kids really having fun with this one!

This is a simple paper craft for toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergartners to make this December. Although we made our paper wreath craft for Christmas it could easily be used any time of the year.

Christmas Craft for Kids - Simple Paper Wreath

cut slits ever 1" or so

Start by folding a piece of paper (probably green) in half lengthwise; try not to crease it. Now cut along the opening through both parts of the paper just 1/2 - 1” or so shy of the center. Continue doing this across the entire length of the paper.

pull slits together and staple

Now pull the paper together in half the other way and and tape or staple the top and bottom together. Now pull together both sides of the cut and tape or staple them together. Keep pulling together both sides of the paper until you have completed the entire wreath.

continue all around the wreath making it a circle

Here is what your wreath should look like.

look there is a whole in the middle mama

At this point my kids could finally start to see why I was calling it a wreath.

attached pom poms for decoration and set a candle in the middle

Now glue on red pom poms or attach circle stickers to decorate. Stick a pillar candle in the middle if you like.  It’s such a fun wreath that your kids will be proud of.

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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