25 Creative Ways to Reuse a Keurig KCup!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

25 Creative Ways to Reuse a Keurig KCup!

Here are 25 creative and innovative ways to reuse Keurig K-cups! Keurigs make a great Christmas present for Mom!
Ideas for reusing Keurig cups - so many creative, clever ideas from home solutions to crafts for kids! Awesome list!

If you have a Keurig (which makes an awesome Christmas gift for Mom or Dad), chances are you go through a lot of K-cups!

My Keurig K-Cup Tip

I don’t like to waste things…. so at our house we dump out the used coffee grounds into a bowl that we then put back in the garden. Did you know coffee grounds are great for your backyard garden! They are especially helpful near blueberries and tomatoes!

Now that you have empty Keurig cups, here are 25 creative ways to reuse those Keurig K-Cups from Happy Hooligans.


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