Memorizing Luke 2 for Families (with free printable)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Memorizing Luke 2 for Families (with free printable)

Do something meaningful with your family this Christmas, memorize the Christmas story straight from the Bible with help from this simple method to help families memorize Luke 2 together.
How to memorize verses as a family - Memorize Luke 2 as a Family printable to help your family keep Christ in Christmas this December. Even my 3 year old learned this entire passage easily.

Why Memorize Verses as a Family

The Bible tells us to hide God’s word in our heart. At Christmas, our family works daily on memorizing Luke 2 as a family. It is quick and simple, but so meaningful to do together.
Kids are like sponges! They memorize things easily. Let’s saturate them with God’s word instead of the things the world has to offer!

When I was a 2nd grader I memorized Luke 2 and as an adult I still remember it! I am trying to give this same gift to my kids!

By memorizing scripture as a family you are not only setting a great example yourself, but you are helping to instill Godly character and patterns in your children!

Luke 2 Scripture Paper Chain for Families Luke 2 Scripture Paper Chain for Families
By keeping the date outside of the stapled circle it’s easy to see the day.


How to Memorize Luke 2 Easily as a Family

I’ve broken down Luke 2:2-20 into short bit size pieces that your entire family can memorize in a day [even my 3 year old memorized Luke 2 last year!].

  • Step 1  -  Download free printable (below)
  • Step 2   -  Print according to directions, cut strips out, and make into chain using stapler
  • Step 3  -  Spend 4 minutes every day learning the day’s line. [we repeat it 3-4 times out loud]. Then say the entire passage you’ve learned up to that point.
  • Step 4  -  Repeat Step 3 daily. On December 24th say the entire passage you memorize together – Luke 2:2-20

Memroize Luke 2 as a Family Free Printable
2 different size chains for families to make a colorful, easy to use tool to memorize Luke 2

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Meaningful Christmas Experience for Families

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great idea. We also feel that placing scripture to memory reaps so many benefits. I would love to share with my my children's teacher as they always make the count down to Christmas chain. Years ago when our youngest child turned one I made something similar. I had copied the verses to strips and laminated. Prior to the first day we hide all the nativity characters around the house as they are making their way to the greatest birthday party ever. Each night we read one strip as a family as we light our advent candle and place one of the nativity characters in the stable. Our stable is decorated with birthday balloons and such as eagerly await the birthday of our Savior.

  2. This is great! I just printed it out for our family to use this year! I also posted a link on Facebook for others to find. Thanks for doing the work- I directed them to this page... I hope that was right!