Crayon Playdough recipe

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crayon Playdough recipe

If you are looking for a new playdough recipe you are going to love the beautiful colors you get this crayon playdough recipe.
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Do you buy your playdough or make it?

If you’ve never tried making your own, you are in for a treat! Not only can you find all the ingredients in your kitchen (versus chemicals found in traditional Play dough)  But we've found the smell, texture, and longevity to be far superior in homemade playdough as well!

Crayon Playdough Recipe

Kool Aid Playdough Recipe is our standby playdough recipe – it’s fool proof and smells amazing. But we are totally going to try this simple Crayon Play Dough Recipe from  Sugar Aunts because I love the intense colors, we have lots of extra crayons hanging around, and this would be a great extension activity for one of our favorite books Harold & the Purple Crayon!

If you are looking for more creative playdough recipes, you may also like our delightfully smelling Chocolate Playdough Recipe.


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