FREE! Brick Style Alphabet Mats (We use with LEGO Duplo)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

FREE! Brick Style Alphabet Mats (We use with LEGO Duplo)

Here is a fun, playful way to introduce alphabet letters to toddlers and preschoolers using kid favorite Lego Duplos.
FREE Lego Duplo Alphabet Mats for Preschoolers #lego #alphabet #preschool
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Brick Alphabet Mats for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Kids can begin identifying alphabet letters, learn to make alphabet letters, and eventually practice writing alphabet letters with these fun and Preschool Lego Games.

I suggest laminating them (you can print front and back to save on paper & laminating costs) so when preschoolers are ready, they can use a dry erase marker to practice forming their alphabet letters on the bottom of the page.

We use these brick alphabet mats with LEGO DUPLO

Lego Games for Preschoolers

Introduce some math concepts by trying this cool math games. Ask children to only use single blocks and build the letters. How many single blocks makes up a double? Do you need more blocks using single or double blocks?

See Lego Duplo Alphabet Mats in Action

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  1. Hi

    I'm a french preschool teacher, and I'm really interested into your duplo alphabet mats. I just don't understand how to download it. I've tried to register, and received a link for that in my mailbox. But no links to the duplo mats.
    Could you please help me?
    Thanks and bravo for your great job


    1. Agnes,
      It is a Subscriber Freebie. So you first thing is make sure you subscribe to my FREE newsletter using the form above. Then...
      1) you will be redirected to the download page immediately after signing up
      2) the subscriber freebie link will be at the bottom of each and every newsletter you get from me

      Enjoy =)

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